Advanced Technology for Off-Highway Applications

Engineering Consultancy Services

After developing for decades without major technological breaks the off-highway industry is facing challenges on multiple fronts. Like all mobility industry it will be challenged by climate and emission standards as well as customers noise perception requiring significant adaptions. In some sectors it will be necessary to automate processes that have up to now required trained staff – either for cost reasons or simply because there are no longer human resources available to do those jobs. In this challenging environment we can be your partner for the necessary changes.

Decades of experience in developing solutions in a rapidly evolving landscapes with ever more strict limits have taught us the value of co-operative research. Our key players have participated in more than 50 such projects on national and international level not only honing our project management skills but also contributed to new technologies and solutions – the base for our work for you.

Neither this research nor our work for clients is out of the blue. Building and maintaining a clear understanding of the context is critical in not following a technology agenda of our own or for its own sake but developing solutions usable in your operational and policy context.

Thus, our solutions shaped by a clear focus on results that can be implemented and productive in your world.